Turn Key Solutions

Turn Key is a company with a focus on providing flexible, innovative, top-of-the-line solutions. The firm’s services relate to product development, as well as branding, testing and manufacturing, providing convenient all-round packages.


A Turn Key company can provide many amazing benefits and a lot of convenience. At its core, a turn key business is a really amazing model, which is essentially ready to go!

The concept is simple, and as the name suggests, it’s just really easy to unlock the door, and get started right away! A great turn key business will work at full capacity right away, so it can be immediately lucrative and productive.


In most cases service providers set everything up, leaving a healthy and fully functional business to the next operator. This is a very successful business model with an amazing and rewarding track record. The best part? It requires a relatively small investment, when compared to building a brand new business from scratch!

Let us introduce you to our own beauty brand, KBL Cosmetics, is all about combining the flexibility of contract manufacturing, with fantastic product development skills, experience, value and hassle-free customer service!


The team at KBL specializes in creating amazing products and develop successful brands in the beauty industry, and we work closely with KBL active, our division with a focus on cosmetic CBD manufacturing. Working with KBL means to access some of the finest quality in the industry, as well as the benefits of dealing with experience industry insiders, exclusive niche exports access, and a lot more.


Find out more and feel free to get in touch with our team for any further details or inquiries. We’d be happy to get back to you as soon as possible!