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Our world-class private label manufacturing services and products are coupled with innovative product development, branding, testing, and manufacturing. It’s what sets KBL Cosmetics apart from other manufacturers. Building a luxury cosmetics brand just got a whole lot easier!


Flexible compounding allows our custom development to fill levels and sizes for a variety of products including semi-solids, creams, liquids, and gels. Perfect for sensitive skin, our product selection skin care products, lip care, men's skin, eye makeup and our complete lineup will give you all you need for building your brand!


Our cutting edge equipment allow for a high-volume filling on a wide array of product and product packaging. As private label cosmetics manufacturers, there's nowhere better to turn when building your brand. We're the premier suppliers and manufacturers for anyone looking for private label branding. Contact KBL, your luxury private label cosmetics manufacturers.


We love a challenge! if your product vision requires specialized packaging, we are the manufacturer ready to help make it a reality. As products manufacturers, our private label makeup and personal care products packaging makes for a quality product you can be proud of. We have entire production lines ready for contract filling so you don't have to find multiple vendors!

Brand Incubation

Custom Formulation Inspiration | Cosmetics Manufacturing

Vitamin C+Q10 Brightening Repair Serum
Vitamin C+Q10 Brightening Repair Serum

Packaged and sealed separately, the powder is isolated and becomes activated only when used....

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Powder to Cream
Powder to Cream

This formula looks like pure powder, but in fact there is 80 % water...

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Cream to Water Moisturizer
Cream to Water Moisturizer

Ultra-light moisturizer transforms into water  Surges skin with micro-droplets for weightless, all-day hydration Leaves...

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