Product Development

Our Approach

We specialize in full service solutions

We are an industry leading, high-volume manufacturing supply chain partner, who specialize in full service solutions, that work as turnkey services. Our process is designed to handle all aspects of product operations, everything from brand ideation to high-quality manufacturing completion. KBL Cosmetics has partnered with many major brands, residing within categories in mass, masstige, prestige and luxury that are distributed in retail, chain drug store, online, specialty channels and department stores. Our team will provide you with insight on trend intelligence while providing you with top of the line R & D, quality assurance, and manufacturing capabilities to offer you the best product at the most competitive pricing.

Innovative Formula Concepts

Our Solutions

Turn Key

We provide top-of-the-line innovation, product development of national equivalency branding and full-circle testing and manufacturing. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Primary/Secondary Packaging

We understand that packaging and presentation is one of the most crucial aspects to marketing a product. We make sure every packaging need is met, so graphics are created to be aesthetically pleasing and components are compatible with your product’s formula.

Carton & Label Printing

In addition to our superior formulation and filling capabilities, our packaging and labeling offerings are best in class. We have a variety of printing capabilities that cater to pressure sensitive labels, folding cartons, inserts, and brochures and catalogs with various binding methods.


We provide flexible compounding for a variety of products, including semi-solids, creams, liquids and gels. Our commitment to client satisfaction coupled with our state-of-the-art production technology allows us to completely customize fill levels and sizes to your brand’s needs.


Our facility and equipment allow for high-volume filling of a multitude of product in tubes, bottles, jars and pots, airless pumps, regular and slim-sized lipstick cases and so much more.

Personal Care & Cosmetics
From creams and lotions to shampoos, conditioners, washes, liquid soaps and every other personal care product you can think of we’ve got you covered. We mix formulas in batch tanks ranging from 500 to 8,000 gallons and fill bottles ranging from 0.25 to 192 ounces (including trial-sized packages), allowing for orders of any size and volume.

Creams and rinses
Foaming bath products
Shower gels
Body lotion
Liquid hand soap
Shampoos & conditioners
All cosmetics
Sample sachets
Shrink Wrap


As part of our transparency mission, we are committed to having the most qualified and capable Regulatory Affairs division in the business. We guide our partners through every regulation and documentation required for their particular project.

Our Practices include:
Formula review for compliance in the U.S & international markets
International documentation
Certifications (GMP, BSE, FDA Registered, Certificates of Free Sale, etc.)
Registrations and filings (TTB / ATF, FDA)
Qualitative and quantitative formula breakdowns
Accurate ingredient listings


KBL is the premiere beauty destination for globally made beauty products. KBL not only has their pulse on innovation combined with science, health and beauty for the beauty and personal care industry. We want to bring that innovation to your company to introduce a product line that is quality and formula driven.

We offer innovative formulations in all beauty products; an extensive on-trend library of speak-to-market formulations and custom formulas. We are constantly striving to innovate new methodologies combined with the latest technologies and research. We pride ourselves in consistently being at the forefront of the industry, continuously innovating formulas with the latest technology and the newest trends, all at our state-of-the-art facility

Our Blog

The importance of transparency in high-volume manufacturing

The importance of transparency in high-volume manufacturing

Transparency in Formulation and Testing

In an industry where bold claims can make customers more skeptical, transparency acts as a powerful truth serum. When you clearly communicate the science behind cosmetic product formulation, including research and testing, you can establish credibility and trust.

By providing this information, you are empowering consumers to make informed decisions about the products they choose to incorporate into their beauty routines.

Navigating regulations: How KBL ensures compliance and quality

Navigating regulations: How KBL ensures compliance and quality

Transparency is Important To Us

We know more than anyone that in the beauty industry, trust is everything to consumers – this is why we focus on transparency at every part of the manufacturing process.

We believe in keeping our stakeholders informed about our compliance measures and quality assurance practices to foster a sense of trust and accountability.