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KBL is an industry leading, high-volume manufacturing supply chain partner, who specialize in full service solutions, that work as turnkey services. Our process is designed to handle all aspects of product operations, everything from brand ideation to high-quality manufacturing completion.​

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Our world-class turnkey services and products are coupled with innnovative product development, branding, testing, and manufacturing. It’s what sets KBL Cosmetics apart from other manufacturers.


Flexible compunding allows us to completely customize fill levels and sizes for a variety of products including semi-solids, creams, liquids, and gels.


Our cutting edge equipment allow for a high-volume filling on a wide array of product packaging.


We love a challenge! if your product vision requires specialized packaging, we are the manufacturer ready to help make it a reality.

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The importance of transparency in high-volume manufacturing

The importance of transparency in high-volume manufacturing

Transparency in Formulation and Testing

In an industry where bold claims can make customers more skeptical, transparency acts as a powerful truth serum. When you clearly communicate the science behind cosmetic product formulation, including research and testing, you can establish credibility and trust.

By providing this information, you are empowering consumers to make informed decisions about the products they choose to incorporate into their beauty routines.

Navigating regulations: How KBL ensures compliance and quality

Navigating regulations: How KBL ensures compliance and quality

Transparency is Important To Us

We know more than anyone that in the beauty industry, trust is everything to consumers – this is why we focus on transparency at every part of the manufacturing process.

We believe in keeping our stakeholders informed about our compliance measures and quality assurance practices to foster a sense of trust and accountability.