Stimulating Skin Care

Application of face treatments has reached a new level of sophistication and efficiency. The new products that have hit the market offer vibrating motions or a gentle ionic charge and both have numerous benefits for any skin care routine.

At KBL Cosmetics we have worked at developing three excellent products that you can add to your brand and offer your clients the opportunity of a natural, non-invasive face lift in the comfort of their home.

The three products in the complete skin care delivery system include:

  • Ionic Eye Massager and Sonic Eye Applicator– These products both work on similar principles. The ionic or sonic charges help the product to directly infuse into the skin, through the gentle current of poles that repel each other, causing a vibration and infrared interplay. These products will accelerate blood circulation, speeding up cell recovery. The cells then absorb the active ingredients of the eye-cream fully thereby, reducing puffiness, dark circles, the tired look and pigmentation and acne marks from the skin around the eyes. Skin will have improved elasticity and look firmer.
  • Vibrating Cream Massager – Reducing wrinkles has never been this easy. The vibrating movement in combination with the active formula will enhance absorption and stimulate circulation. With the vibrating massager on the lid of the product the user has the product and massager on hand and won’t forget to use it, increasing its effectiveness.

The creation of these three products by our research and development team at KBL Cosmetics is completely innovative, offering the product and massager in one. Your customers will be thrilled to have less clutter in their bathrooms.