Vitamin C+Q10 Brightening Repair Serum

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Packaged and sealed separately, the powder is isolated and becomes activated only when used. This locks in and releases the full power of the active ingredient to achieve the best effect.

Every day, we are exposed to the harmful effects of light-induced aging, which makes the skin old, spotty, and dull. This unique brightening serum can completely break down melanin build-up and destroy the habitat that allows for melanin to grow.

Mixing the powder with the liquid is like injecting your skin with invigorating fresh fruit juice that seeps into the deepest layers of your skin and creates an even appearance, slows down aging, activates collagen, combats oxidation, and makes the skin bright, moisturized, and elastic!

Directions: Please blend the powder and the serum evenly before using for the first time. Use an adequate amount of the serum after cleansing the skin, pat gently or apply lightly to the skin surface until completely absorbed, then continue to use other skincare products according to the daily  skincare procedure thereafter. 

** The blended serum is suggested to be used up within 7 days after mixing to maintain optimal activity.**