ABOUT Manufacturing

Simplifying your manufacturing experience.

Vision: To create and sustain a culture of active engagement and extraordinary results.
Our Purpose: To add value to our Team by providing a fulfilling livelihood, Customers by simplifying their manufacturing experience, and Shareholders by optimizing profits.
Our Core Values:
- 100% Responsibility
- Integrity
- Trust and Trustworthiness
- Respect
- Positivity
- Expect Excellence



kbl cosmetics


We are registered with the Food and Drug Administration as an OTC manufacturer, and
operate our facilities in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices.

Blend & Fill Technologies

- Gels
- Ointments
     - Petrolatum
     - Zinc Oxide
- Emulsions
- Liquids
- Reactive Chemistry
     - Relaxers
     - Developers
- Actives
     - FDA OTCs
- Tubes
- Powders
- Assemblies
     - Blisters
     - Kitting


Technical Families
Loose Powders
Liquid Liners
Dual End Mascara
Mascara Batching
Lip Glosses
Liquid Makeup
Fragrance Blending
Fragrance Filling
Vial Filling
Hair Styling
Assembly – Blistering
Alcohol Filling
Shampoos/ Conditioners
Hot Pour (Hair Waxes)
Hair Dyes
Hair Developers
Liquid Gels
Creams/ Lotions

Batching Vessel Options
Size of Vessel (kg)
900 L hemispherical
1850 L hemispherical
2200 L hemispherical
1100 L hemispherical
1850 L portable
2200 L hemispherical
7500 L
7500 L
11,300 L
11,300 Gal, V-
1100 L portable
10000 Gal, Storage

Additional Packaging Capabilities
Laminate Tubes
Ink Jet/Laser Coding
On Line Labeling
Shrink Wrapping​

KBL Cosmetics is a privately-held, family business in its second generation
 We are certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise with WBENC, a huge benefit for you in terms of your sourcing initiatives


- Able to fulfill manufacturing needs anywhere in the broad spectrum of simple fill only to Total Turnkey, including Procurement, Production and Inventory Management Solutions
-  Salable Batching

  • Pilot batching capabilities from 25 gallons to 3000 gallons
- Flexible Manufacturing
  • 0.25 ounce to 5 gallon containers in various formats 
  • Flexible line layouts allow various configurations for in-line assembly of hang-tags, supplemental labeling, spout orienting and various specialty services 
  • Induction Sealing capability for cap sizes up to 120-mm 
  • Heat Shrink capabilities for bundling and tamper seals 
  • Tube Filling of a wide range of diameters, homo-polymer or laminate 
  • Blister sealing capabilities on multiple lines 
  • Flexible Shifts to meet critical deadlines


- Dependable – We build quality into the finished products through process controls and vision systems, not through inspection.
- Accurate – Our analytical and microbiology labs are equipped to ensure accurate results and inspire confidence.
- Proven – We undergo customer & third party audits annually that evaluate our Quality Systems against current standards.
This gives us fresh perspectives and opportunities for refinement. We are FDA Registered and
UL Certified.
- Continuous – Quality is not only a critical examination, but also a process for improvement. Our CAPA program is an effective tool for ensuring opportunities for improvements are taken.

Customer Service

- Responsive – We provide fast turnaround.
- Transparent – We have open communication with all customers to allow projects to be monitored. We have no reservations providing full batch documentation.
- Proven – We impress third party and customer auditors regularly during Social, Quality and Regulatory audits.
- We are FDA Registered and UL Certified so you can feel confident in our processes and the products we manufacture for you and your customers.