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KBL Cosmetics Seaweed Mask

The Seaweed, scientifically known as Marine Cellulose, extract is a powerful extract that works as a smoothing and ultra-retainer moisture mask. Seaweed anti-inflammatory properties are known for their positive effects on acne-prone skin. Bio cellulose is a sheet delivery system which is naturally derived from a patented coconut water fermentation process is sensitive to skin since the process does not contain harmful ingredients such as paraben and preservatives, that have passed a number of tests for harmful ingredients, making it safe for skincare use.

Brand Story

Brands should always honor transparency in regards to their business practices: Consumers gravitate towards brands with a relatable, personable and sincere brand image

A community of Cruelty-Free Consumers is growing: Cruelty-Free products are not only better received by consumers, but they also have a better impact on the environment

Brand image should focus on the power of cosmetics and how makeup makes you feel, rather than look