Hair Product Laboratories – How to Find the Ideal Supplier?


Whether we admit it or not, the reality is that hair has a major impact on how we feel at any given moment. Good hair days make everything seem better, boost our confidence, and empower us in every aspect of life. Bad hair days do the opposite; they shatter our confidence and bring negative vibes. For that reason, people put a lot of thought into choosing and buying hair care products.

Brands also make a lot of effort to create products from which people can truly benefit. That’s where hair product laboratories step in! If you want to make the biggest impact, you need outstanding hair product laboratories to carry out this important task. Read on to learn more about how private labeling products from your custom formulator can help build your personal care product brand.

What to look for in hair product laboratories?

Whether you're working on the very first hair product line or you're looking for different products suppliers, it's important to learn what to look for in your potential partners. Finding hair product laboratories isn't the easiest thing in the world, but it's also not a mission impossible. To truly provide value to the customers and clients, you need to choose a product development company wisely. Below, you can see what to look for in those companies.


The first and most important factor to consider when choosing hair product laboratories is their reputation. You want products capabilities to impress the customers, but it won’t be possible if you choose a contract manufacturing company with a bad reputation. They got a bad reputation for a reason. Some of these reasons include inadequate laboratory, poor formulations, missing deadlines, poor communication, customers reporting damaged hair, just to name a few. For that reason, your custom hair care product arsenal should be developed by reputable laboratories.


In the perfect world, the price would be irrelevant, but it’s a major factor to consider in reality. The costs of services in laboratories are not determined by the volume only. They depend on other factors such as location, laboratory equipment, among others. Ideally, you should opt for the laboratories that offer the highest quality of service at a reasonable cost.

Full service

Some laboratories provide full service, whereas others work only on specific processes. Some work with hair products only, whereas others also work with body butter, bath salts, bath care, and other items. You can benefit the most from full service. Why? Full-service laboratories reduce your costs as you can do everything in a single place. Otherwise, you'd have to look for other labs to complete other tasks, which would result in higher costs.


A common mistake that many companies in cosmetic manufacturing make is that they don’t take the capacity, or amount of products, into consideration. So, they end up with a laboratory that produces insufficient amounts of products or only works with higher amounts. Put your needs onto the paper and look for the company whose capacity meets your needs.

Why KBL Cosmetics?

In order to succeed in a competitive hair care market where a lot of brands release hair growth and other similar products, you need to focus on the quality of the products you put out there. That also means you need to avoid dealing with laboratories whose reputation and quality of service are questionable. In other words, if you want to have a loyal customer base and a lot of fans, you need to choose the hair product laboratory wisely. The KBL Cosmetics stands out as the best choice.

What’s KBL Cosmetics, you wonder?

Well, KBL stands for Kolor Beauty Labs. As an industry-leading laboratory, KBL Cosmetics is a go-to solution for many hair products manufacturers who are seeking trustworthy suppliers of their products and executors of their ideas.

The reasons you need KBL Cosmetics are numerous, actually. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

KBL Cosmetics mission is simple

The brand has a precise mission, and its main philosophy is to always prioritize quality and transparency. Let's be honest; it's not that easy to come across laboratories that live up to their mission and objectives. What KBL Cosmetics does here is that they use cutting-edge solutions to deliver exactly what they promise.

Full-service solutions

As mentioned above, seeking services from different laboratories is not a good way to go. The company’s costs increase, thus limiting your revenue and total profit. The KBL Cosmetics handles all aspects of production operations, from brand ideation to the manufacturing process. That explains why many high-profile hair care manufacturers partnered up with KBL Cosmetics. As one of the most reliable hair product laboratories, KBL works to provide insight regarding trend intelligence, research and development, manufacturing capabilities, and quality assurance.

High-volume filling

Productivity is the key to success in every industry, including body care, beauty, oral rinses, beard oil, hair care etc... Demands keep increasing, and your output needs to keep up. Otherwise, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment and facility, KBL Cosmetics allows for high-volume filling of products in tubes and other containers. More precisely, this hair product laboratory could easily match your capacity needs. The laboratory can mix formulas in batch tanks going from 500 to 8000 gallons and fill bottles ranging from 0.25 to 192 ounces. The high-filling volume allows for orders of any size.

Handling technicalities

Creating and releasing hair products to the market is hard work. It is not just about formulating and packing something; there are tons of technicalities in terms of bureaucracy that need to be taken care of. Bureaucracy is tedious and time-consuming but necessary. What's more, it can improve brand awareness and make your company appear more trustworthy. But, it's always good to have someone do these things for you. As a full-service laboratory, KBL Cosmetics reviews the formula to ensure it complies with the US and international markets. At the same time, it completes international documentation, registrations and filings, certifications, accurate ingredient listing, and qualitative and quantitative breakdown of formula.

All these practices have a major impact on a company’s position in the market. Customers have more trust in brands whose products are made in FDA-approved laboratories inc. or those with GMP certifications. That means the brand focuses on both the quality and safety of its hair products and even body lotions, and it does.

Packing and printing

Filling the hair and skin care products into bottles and containers is not the end of the road. The personal care product needs to be packed properly, and it's also necessary to print out all the labels. KBL Cosmetics can do both packing and labeling as well. Otherwise, you’d have to look for these services elsewhere, which would lead to higher costs.


Hair product laboratories can make or break your product. If you choose them wisely, you can have a significant impact on the market and use the momentum to create a loyal customer base. Bearing that in mind, it's imperative to choose private labeling wisely and ensure it provides full-service solutions. The choices you make have the biggest impact on every course of action that comes after. Proper hair product laboratories can give you major leverage in this competitive industry.