Branding Is Important - That's Why We Are Here To Help

As an extension of KBL Cosmetics, we play a major role in ensuring that the brand you have worked so hard to build will surpass your wildest expectations.

Careful attention must be paid to various details before any new product launch.

Research and Development is the initial, important step before any new range of products hit the market. This is the stage that ensures:

  • best quality of end product
  • safety to the consumer
  • sourcing of the best, environmentally friendly, cruelty free, certified ingredients
  • end product will be as effective as promised
  • new, promising ingredients are researched and tested
  • new methods of applications are researched

Design is a department with many talented individuals. They will assist in developing the best packaging to sell the skin- care or cosmetics product you are about to launch. This includes the bottles or containers and the boxes used for packaging. This department also design any inserts with information for the consumer about how to use the product and ingredients used in its development.

Compliance has become a significant part of any business - cosmetics and skin care especially. Since we are dealing with the health and beauty care of the consumer, compliance includes legal issues, staff related matters and the various concerns of the consumer. Cruelty free, sustainable product sourcing is another important issues needing continual attention.

Our aim is to build trusting customer- client relations. This starts between you and us and can in turn be passed on by you to your consumer!