Radiance 2 Step Serum

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Hydrating and brightening infused face serum, the powder form Vitamin C is instantly activated with the carrier hydrating serum to activate when needed while keeping it fresh and avoiding oxidation. This 2 step serum infuses a brightening and moisturizing effect for problem areas such as under eye circles, dark spots or acne scars.

What’s in it?


This red algae is a rich source of protein and hydration, maintaining its moisture and minerals even at high temperature changes.

Phyllacantha fibrosa

An algae attributed to help reduce inflammation.

Dendrobium nobile

Helps deliver nutrients to the skin and is a high nutrient retainer.

Aloe Barbadensis

Aloe penetrates the layers of the skin and delivers powerful antioxidants

Sophora flavescens

Inhibits the tyrosinase melanin biosynthesis which benefits by preventing darkening of the skin and helps protect from UV rays.