Gel Foundation

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This weightless, oil-free semi-matte foundation is made with 2nd-skin technology, a natural looking finish with high coverage that does not over-mattify the skin and keeps it glowy.

  • Seamlessly covers blemishes, redness, and dark spots
  • A rich full coverage formula that dries matte, giving a finished texture that needs no setting powder or spray
  • Leaves an ideal amount of luminosity on skin for a dewy finish
  • Evens out skin tone to give a smooth, airbrushed, yet natural look
  • A beautiful luminous foundation that will give you a healthy glow while evening out skin tone, hydrating the skin and covering imperfections. 
  • This formula contains active ingredients that provides a filling texture that covers pores and wrinkles
  • The moisturizing ingredients minimizes dryness and prevents cakey look