Eye Treatment

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  • Instant effect to reducing the eye bags under the eyes, filling up the wrinkles in the eyes, forehead, and neck.

(Instant Effect + Long Term Effect)

  • Long term effect; Helps reduce wrinkles by enhancing the synthesis and maintenance of Extracellular Matrix components containing Peptiskin to control skin elasticity and wrinkles
  • In and out system : Improve wrinkles both inside and outside the skin.
  • 4 way tightening : Tension in four directions when used on skin
  • Physical and Biochemical : Physical (polymer) tension and improvement of wrinkles by  biochemical (peptide) materials.
  • Filling and tightening : To improve wrinkles by filling and tightening up fine wrinkles.
  • Immediate and long-term : You can feel the pull as soon as you apply it, and improve wrinkles  when using it continuously.